After getting robbed 3 times during development, devs behind bizarre crab Soulslike are shell-shocked by stellar reviews: "Chat is this real?"

Another Crab's Treasure
(Image credit: Aggro Crab)

The apparent crustacean enthusiasts at indie studio Aggro Crab are utterly delighted by the positive response to their new Soulslike Another Crab's Treasure, which is a joy to see after the studio's many development hurdles.

Namely, those development hurdles include three, yes three, break-ins at their Seattle-based studio in the months running up to launch. Not only that, but Another Crab's Treasure is releasing on the same day as the highly anticipated and much talked-about action RPG Stellar Blade, not to mention in the same week as Bandai Namco's Sand Land, making for some pretty stiff launch competition for the plucky little crab Soulslike.

Regardless, while the game isn't officially out, the review embargo has lifted and impressions are generally very positive. We don't have an official review, but our news editor Ali Jones played the demo during Steam Next Fest and had plenty of nice things to say about its sense of humor, shell-based combat, and grappling hook mechanics.

Over on Twitter, a bunch of humble developers behind the game are overjoyed by the response, and frankly, it was just too heartwarming not to share with y'all. Here are some of my favorite reactions:

One thing I love about this is that most of the reviews the developers are reacting to are in the 8/10 range, which is conventionally considered "great" but lately has for some inexplicable reason been misinterpreted as something vaguely average, or just above average. It's just plain nice to see developers celebrate what is an unambiguous win despite the shift in tone online. Now that's how you celebrate a game release.

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