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Game Of Thrones' Natalie Dormer wants death by dragon for Margaery

Yep, Natalie Dormer wants Margaery Tyrell to die in a fire. Well, no, not quite. I caught up with the Game Of Thrones' actress this week and asked her a whole bundle of questions that largely revolved around death. The key one was how she'd like Margaery to pop her high fashion King's Landing clogs.

“If Margaery had to die how would I want to her to die? Via dragon probably," she told me. "That would be the most apt wouldn’t it? But that would mean that Dany would have to get over so who knows?” Now that Daenerys is into dragon riding, that might not be too problematic for the Targaryen.

I also picked Dormer's brain on how the cast feel now that they've gone beyond the 'safety' of the books for season 6 and if she was to play GoT god who she'd bring back and pick off. Spoilers but you'll probably like what she says about Ramsay Snow. Check out the full interview in the the video below. And a note, if you haven't watched up to the end of season five, here be serious spoilers.

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Image credit: HBO

Louise Blain
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