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Game Of Thrones' US Ratings Hit Another High

The ratings news just keeps on getting better and better for Game Of Thrones in the States. The jawdropping dragon antics from two weeks ago must have caused some serious buzz, because the latest episode – 4.05 “Kissed By Fire”, which aired on HBO in the US last weekend – not only set yet another new ratings record for the show, but the figure practically shot up.

“Kissed By Fire” was watched by 5.35 million viewers on its initial 9pm airing, up 8% from the previous week and the highest figure the show has ever achieved, beating the previous record, set the week before, which beat the previous record the week before that. See a pattern developing here?

A further 1.32 million watched the repeat at 11pm, bringing the total for the first night’s showings to just shy of 6.7 million.

According to , Game Of Thrones is averaging 13.4 million viewers each week for season three, once all airings and DVR playback are accounted for, which is almost two million more than the season two average. The site also points out that Game Of Thrones could overtake True Blood as HBO’s most popular show.

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Dave Golder
Dave Golder

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