Game of Thrones season 7 will give Theon a chance to "redeem himself" according to Alfie Allen

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The characters of Game of Thrones have suffered terrible fates – death by dog, death by Hound, death by Olly – but none have suffered quite so much as poor old Theon. Speaking at a fan event, Alfie Allen, who plays the unlucky Greyjoy, teased what could happen in Game of Thrones season 7 and what might be in store for his character. Possible spoilers follow

As reported by Watchers on the Wall, Allen firstly raises our expectations for the penultimate season to an unsustainable level “More of the same…but better! More dragons; more torture!” Please don’t torture Theon with dragons though. He’s been through enough.

After a few seasons as Reek, Allen gets to show off his acting range once again – but how might he be feeling in season 7 after striking up an alliance with Danerys in Meereen? Allen offers up a complex Theon, who will be “Skittish and full of fear…Basically, and then that can kind of, I guess, evolve into rage, which you might see…who knows?” The last time Theon showed rage he burned two boys so, uhh, watch your step, Dany.

Next year’s Game of Thrones season promises to be chock-full of major characters meeting up. So, of course, a fan at the Malta India Fan Convention asked how Theon might react to potentially meeting up with Jon Snow and Sansa again – they have a troubled history after all. Allen’s response offered a glimpse at Theon’s character arc in season 7, “I would say, [Theon] would feel horrible. He’d feel awful. And he’d see it as a chance to redeem himself.”

Theon the Redeemer has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Game of Thrones will debut in summer 2017

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