Game of Thrones season 7 might be seriously affected by Brexit

Last week's Game of Thrones saw Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton face off in one of the show's greatest episodes to date. "Battle of the Bastards" was such a hit that it's gone on to become the highest-scored TV episode ever on IMDB. But the likelihood of us getting more similarly-ambitious episodes now looks uncertain after the Brexit win. 

The UK's decision to exit the EU has major implications for the entire UK including its entertainment industry. A large majority of TV and film productions filmed in the country regularly turn to the EU for financing. That's where Thrones comes in. Due to the costly nature of the show - Battle of the Bastards alone cost $10 million, for example - HBO relies on funding from a number of initiatives such as the European Regional Development Fund. As Foreign Policy notes in its report, following the Brexit decision Thrones showrunners may no longer be eligible to receive finances from that fund. 

Why does this matter, you ask? Remember the main battle scene from last week's episode, that sprawling beast wherein Jon and Ramsay's armies came to blows? That was filmed in Northern Ireland. So, it's a very real possibility that the funding from the EU for the show's big-budgeted episodes might be off the table. Other locations from the series filmed in Northern Ireland include Castle Black and Winterfell. 

Let's not forget that none of this is confirmed. According to the site, HBO has yet to comment on how the Brexit decision may affect the series. But if we look at the worst case scenario? We may see a significant change to upcoming storylines involving the North.  

The final episode of Game of Thrones season 6 airs this Sunday on HBO in the US, and Sky Atlantic on Monday in the UK. 

Images: HBO  

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