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Game names corrected by spell check

Collected here are our favorite moments of spell check gone mad. It all started when somehow we managed to make Firefox's speller suggest "Televangelist" in place in "Castlevania."

Doesn't sound quite as fun, does it, hunting down religious figures and putting a stake through their heart? Simon, your family's beef is with Dracula, not the poor old pope. Once we saw this, we just had to type in random names and see what happened.

BioShock: Yes, these are the actual suggestions. Not Bio Shock, but hockeys and Shockley. Mr. Shockley was a physicist, for those who care. He's credited with inventing the transistor, even.

Tekken: This list gets better and better. Trekkers is already great photoshop fodder, but check the last one - Heineken! You hear that Namco? We smell product placement. Lei Wulong has to drink something...

Abadox: This long-forgotten NES shooter used to be one of the goriest games on the market. Now its bloody sprites are simply adorable. Not sure the tropical Barbados island would like the comparison though.