Game names corrected by spell check

Culdcept: We expected something about scepters to show, but we got a lot of words that'd make any Scrabble player detonate. Unaccepted fits best because... well how many people played Culdcept Saga?

Xexyz: The only reason we typed this ultra-obscure NES title in was to see what kind of random feedback Firefox spat out. Would you believe the result is quite... sexy?

Disgaea: Pangaea seems like an obvious fit, but the idea that a game about demon penguins battling super-sexy archers and axe-wielding wild men is misgauged is... well, misguided.

GrimGrimoire: We'll grant this one. It's a weird name and spelled as one word so seeing "primogenitures" isn't that much of a shock. Finding out that "primogenitures" is an actual word, however, was quite startling.

Darkrai: He's not a game - Darkrai's the latest legendary Pokemon released by Nintendo via Toys "R" Us. He's also not Ukrainian. Hm, that might be a whole other feature - Pokemon names mangled by spell check. Any takers?

Ar tonelico: Not all that interesting, but worth noting because tonelico's based around music and a helicon is a musical instrument. You'd better sit down after that doozy.

Suikoden: One of the mostmispronouncedgame names also baffles spell check. Thus we're not surprised to get weird offers like duodenum. You should remember that $50 word from biology class. Here's a greatmnemonic device for it: Batman and Robin in blue jeans.

And with that clever little joke (an authentic biology teacher joke, actually), we're off to type more words into this internet thing and see whathappens.

Jun 5, 2008

Brett Elston

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