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Game names corrected by spell check

Katamari Damacy: Lots of good options here, but the combination of "Catamaran Intimacy" is the clear winner.

Lumines: Both of these suggestions are quite reasonable. How much cooler would this have been if it starred werewolves?

Elebits: We'd never even heard of Phlebitis before. Sounded awful just by the way it's spelled. Anything with "itis" is bad news. Throw a "PH" in there and now it's scary. Vein inflammation is no laughing matter!

Ikaruga: We don't want to kick 'em when they're down, but Atari might want to take Firefox's suggestion of "Frugality" and play it safe for a while. Also, here's hoping IGN can find a way to muck upmorebeautiful box art.