GAME and EA organise 'lock-ins' for Dead Space 3

Electronic Arts and specialist UK retailer GAME are offering eager gamers the chance to play Dead Space 3 (opens in new tab) before anyone else with a series of 'lock-ins' at GAME stores across the country. Of course, you'll really be able to leave whenever you want to, but the events will take place outside trading hours, allowing you to sample the delights of Dead Space 3 in peace and relative quiet. There are also free drinks and snacks, so you probably wouldn't want to leave anyway.

The events are taking place in 18 different stores dotted across the country over the next month, leading up to the game's release on February 8. There are a limited number of spaces (50 per session) and gamers need to tweet their local store or sign up in-store. They must be over 18 and will be picked on a first-come, first-served basis.

The first event kicks off this Sunday in Birmingham. For the full list of participating stores and dates, head to GAME's official list (opens in new tab).

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