Turns out, the original phony GTA IV post was part of an elaborate, and fairly clever, prankperpetrated by the rapscallions over at theGamesRadar UK forums. Said one of their members:

"After being found out for the fakers we are... the US GR staff took pics on off fake handdrawn GTAIV boxart and the image above. Therefore, do your best to make the above guy look like a massive twat."

The pics got... less flattering.

Above: O_o

Above: Well, I do love Rage Against the Machine's first album

Above: Nam was tough on all of us

Above: Seriously, nobody at GR made any of these.

Above:Hmmm, kinda like the mustache

Above: The only funny outbreak is Outbreak

Above: I was just a caterer, I swear

Above: Okay! Not Cool!

Above: OFFICIALLY TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!

News Flash Britain: Some people are stillsensitive about 9/11 across the pond!To say nothing of Abu Garhib and the other despicable acts and atrocities we can’t even repost. Obviously, people were beginning to get upset. But perhaps that's understating it a bit.

(US) zeldafanjohn: "THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!!"

(UK) Minimum Effort: "So it begins."