Forum Lieutenant anthonyjh63, remarked, "You good sir, have just won the internets." Cool. Evidently, the face I’m makingwas "epic goof." Whatever -I can’t tell. I kinda look like that all the time. Mikel joined in thefun with his own Grand Swede Auto:

Awesome! All in good fun. I'm just vain enough to enjoy my picture, no matter how oafish or grotesque, Photoshopped in any fashion as long as it’s funny. Or so I thought...

Above: Uh-oh

Above: These things have a way of escalating

Above: OhCrap... Am I getting memed?

Above: Dear God, I am!

Above: That girl was free to leave at any time

Above: I had to look up gormless, too. Not good

Above: Oh, the humility

Above: Look away, Grandma

You better believe it gets worse....