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Gabriel Knight remake a definite possibility

“I have had some contact with Activision,” said Jensen. “We need to get through our Kickstarter campaign and at least get a good portion of Moebius under our belt, if not ship a successful title. But I think that there‘s a very good chance that that will be the case in the future.”

Jensen recently announced that her studio’s first project (determined by fan votes) will be Moebius, an adventure game about an antiquities dealer that gets involved in a series of mysterious events. It will have a “graphic novel look and feel like an updated GK1” with two modes, a Casual mode with hints and a True Adventure mode that will be more challenging.

There is still 23 days left for the campaign, and in order to go through with the project, Pinkerton Road Studio will need a little over $70,000 to reach their goal of $300,000. To support the campaign, you can visit thepage here.

Stay tuned for our next episode of SoundRadar, which will feature Jane Jensen and composer Robert Holmes where we talk about the campaign as well as Holmes’ music.

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