Furu Furu Park - Hands-on

October 05, 2007

Following in the grand tradition of Japanese game shows in which people dress in costumes and let themselves be put into life threatening situations comes Furu Furu Park. Like many other Wii titles, it's a collection of 30 mini games,many of whichutilize the motion sensitive Wii remote in unusual ways. However, Furu Furu's claim to fame is that it's much more strange than most of its competitors. Which we honestly really dig.

Part of it is the game modes: in addition to the usual competitive stylings, two players can choose to play in Love Challenge mode, in which the object it so perform similarly. If you do, Afro Love - a muscleboundsmooth-talker with an afro and a pink body suit - will declare you a truly compatiblelove match.

We could describe to you in great detail all of the wacky hijinks on offer here, which range from hypnotizing dragonflies by swirling the remote to punching out asteroids with a super-hero from developer Taito's past... but publisher Majesco has actually already done that for us. Here, straight from the official fact sheet, are descriptions for almost every event. Some also appear in the DS gameTurn it Around, but many are a whole newtype of ludicrous.

o Skateboard and Skateboard Extreme: Skate the half pipe and pull off tricks!
o Pinch Hitter: Swing the Wii Remote like a baseball bat to hit a home run.
o Submarine Escape: Help your submarine escape the giant robot chasing you.
o Hammer Throw: Whirl the Wii Remote to gain power then toss your "human hammer."
o Super Karate: Execute offensive and defensive maneuvers to defeat your opponent.
o Treasure Hunter: Collect treasure while avoiding bombs and the crumbling platform.
o Bird Man: Pedal like mad and keep your bird man in the air!
o Safe Cracker: Memorize the combination then enter the code to crack the safe.
o Takoyaki: Use the Wii Remote to pour batter, add sushi and flip before it burns!
o Arkanoid: Keep the ball and your paddle moving in this arcade classic.
o Snow Cone: Hold the Wii Remote horizontally and crank it to make snow cones!
o Puzzle: Hold the Wii Remote vertically and turn it to fit the puzzle pieces in place.
o Pocky & Rocky: Hold the Wii Remote "NES Style" and shoot all of the enemies.
o Sudden Death: Face off against defenders and the goalie to score the goal.
o Bubble Bobble: Burst all of the bubbles in this arcade classic!
o Dragonfly Hunter: Flick the dragonflies off their perch with your finger.
o Rev the Engine: Hold the Wii Remote horizontally and twist forward to rev the engine and make awesome music!
o Unwrap the Mummy: Use your Wii Remote to unwrap the mummies.
o Swan Runner: Avoid obstacles and pick up power-ups while moving through a tunnel.
o Swan Shooter: Maneuver your ship and blast enemies in this high flying shooter.
o Cameltry: Manipulate the maze to reach the end.
o Sonic Blastman 20XX: Punch the asteroids out of the sky before they reach the planet.
o Robo Clash: Use the Wii Remote like a hammer to smash the robot.
o Sushi and Sushi Fever: Serve sushi dishes to match customer orders.

You'll get your chance to test your love compatibility with fellow gamers sometime before the end of 2007. Assuming you really want to know if you and your best friend could make wonderful music together if you weren't so busy kicking the crap out of one another in every other game you play.