Funny Street Fighter IV video breaks all the rules, wind

Was it Voltaire who once said “Fartz LOL!!”? Perhaps. If man has learned only one thing from his eons of struggle, it’s that butts and their accompanying sounds are hilarious. Fortunately, the makers of the Street Fighter 4 PC mod Koryu are well aware of this.

Their mod makes some "unique" tweaks to the game, like Ryu launching a huge column of fireballs every time he does a shoryuken, Dan’s pathetic fireball being so bad that it actually shoots backwards, and Ryu getting on all fours to unleashhadokens from his hindquarters. Witness the weirdness:

For anyone familiar with SF, there’s something entertaining about the goofy, broken animations of characters moving at hyper speed across the screen, Guile’s stuttering aerialsonic booms, and Dan’s ability to fall down midair and just float there. Oh, that and everyone’s blowing fireballs out of their nether regions.

While it looks like it’s close to playable, it’s a safe bet there might be “slight” balance issues. And by “slight” I mean a toaster vs. a T-Rex in a “Being a dinosaur” contest.

May 27, 2010

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