Full Avengers trailer hits the net next week

We've lived through a whole summer of on-set photography and been teased to the max with footage at the end of Captain America to get us in the mood for Marvel's Avengers .

Plus - score! - those of us lucky enough to be in the audience at Disney's D23 watched a full scene. Now, finally, the whole world gets an official trailer!

Well, we say finally. It'll actually show up next week according to information posted on Marvel's website.

“Next Tuesday, October 11, fans will get their first look at Marvel's The Avengers when the first official trailer for the film hits iTunes Trailers!”

Internet speculation being what it is, some suggest that if the trailer debuts online next week then it might also play in cinemas this weekend. (We realise we probably just helped sell some more tickets by repeating that).

TF hopes Marvel shares a specific time when the trailer will be posted or we're going to need some of Loki's magic to clean the dust from our eyeballs during our vigil.

Joss whedon's The Avengers opens 4 May 2012.