Frostpunk 2 dev says that "leaked" release date is bogus

Frostpunk 2
(Image credit: 11 bit studios)

Frostpunk 2 studio 11 bit studios has issued a playful repudiation of what initially appeared to be a possible leaked release date.

For some context, earlier on Wednesday there was a Steam API leak that appeared to reveal planned release dates for a bunch of PC games, Frostpunk 2 included. As we noted in our report, it's very possible that the dates are just placeholders and not actual launch dates, and in Frostpunk 2's case it seems that's the case.

"As we heard today, information about the Frostpunk 2 launch date leaked into the public space," 11 bit studios wrote on Twitter. "We assure you that any pieces of information that aren't coming straight from the Administration offices are false. Thank you for your attention. Liars shall be punished."

Frostpunk 2 was revealed back in August with a trailer setting up the story, which sounds every bit as bleak as its predecessor. The sequel picks up following the downfall of coal as a fuel source and centers around the burgeoning oil industry. As the leader of a resource-hungry city, you'll be forced to decide between plenty of awful choices and make difficult sacrifices in pursuit of the emerging fossil fuel. "Once lead into temptation, we could not be delivered from evil. We did what we had to do," reads Frostpunk 2's ominous synopsis.

11 bit studios hasn't set a release date or launch window for Frostpunk 2, but right now it's due out on PC via Steam, Epic Games, and GOG.

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