Fresh look at Def Jam

Games starring rappers might seem like a bad idea to some, but the Def Jam games have proven the haters wrong twice now. And after establishing itself with two high-quality knucklefests starring a record label's worth of hip-hop artists, the franchise is headed for portability on your PSP.

Due out in June, Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takedown more or less adapts the last Def Jam console game, keeping its roster of rap stars-turned-brawlers while adding new characters and features. Its fighters will have a new assortment of moves as well, including the ability to straddle an opponent and pound the teeth out of his head.

The latest batch of screens - featuring Ludacris, Redman and Xzibit, among others - seem to show that the game isn't losing much in transition. The fighters are rendered with impressive detail for the handheld, and while the guys in the background look like horrible blocky stick-men, they're at least3D. To get a close-up look at what to expect when the game hits stores, click the thumbnails to the right.

April 28, 2006

Mikel Reparaz
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