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Free day-one Mafia II DLC to introduce badass-old-man action

After what feels like years of delays, the release of Mafia II is a little more than a month away. And if you're expecting some kind of reward for your patience, well... good, provided you're planning to buy the PS3 version.If you are, then you'll get free access to an exclusiveDLC content pack that'll be available for download the day the game launches. Titled The Betrayal of Jimmy, it departs from the rags-to-Mob-riches story of former war hero Vito Scaletta to focus on Jimmy, a tough old mercenary who (according to the press release) "the other guys call when they need to finish the job." We're not sure exactlywhat that means, but the screenshots featureplenty of explosions and killing so we'reguessing it's at least a little violent.

PS3 owners don't get to have all the fun, of course - a second content pack, Jimmy's Vendetta, will be available sometime shortly after launch on 360, PC and PS3, although no details on the price or exactly when that'll be have been announced. Both packs promise "arcade-style, city-based" missions that will involve a lot of gunfighting, timed challenges andcar chases, along with a point-based system and online leaderboards to reward things like skill shots and power slides.

In short, we should expect a much faster, more violent play style than what the regular game will offer. We also wouldn't be surprised if Betrayal and Vendetta also offer less of a story, although if this next screenshot is anything to go on, we'll probably be too busy tearing ass through the streetsto care.

Whether or not you're planning to nab the DLC when the PS3 version ships on Aug. 24, Mafia II's shaping up to be pretty badass all by itself. Keep an eye outfor our updated impressions early next week.

Jul 16, 2010

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