Frank Miller has Spirit for his next project

It’s no coincidence that Frank Miller is announcing he’ll be aiming to bring one of his favourite comics to the screen at this year’s Comic Con. After all, the project’s source is closely tied to the convention – the event features an awards ceremony dedicated to its creator.

But while Will Eisner’s The Spirit might not be as well known to general audiences as Spider-Man and Batman, it remains one of the most influential titles ever to hit paper. Created by Eisner in 1940, the masked vigilante went on to inspire generations of comic creators, including the likes of Frank Miller.

And now Odd Lot Entertainment and Batfilm productions are teaming up to help Miller bring him to life. “What makes Frank's involvement with 'The Spirit' particularly poignant was his special relationship with Will Eisner, captured last year in the book Eisner-Miller,” Batfilm’s Michael Uslan told The Hollywood Reporter. "You have two of the medium's greatest storytellers of sequential art and cinematic comics discussing the compelling and controversial art form."

The Spirit’s real name is Denny Colt, a middle-class, regular guy without the superpowers of Spidey or the wealth and gadgets of Batman. But what he does have is tenacity and a dedication to help those around him. “His is a heart and soul unparalleled character in comic books," Uslan added. "I maintain he is the first and maybe only middle-class superhero. He was out to save his neighbourhood from corrupt politicians, corrupt cops, evil guys and to protect his neighbours because one guy can make a difference. He's the perfect hero for the post-September 11 world."

Miller will start work on the film in about a year. He’s already started writing it, but first there’s the small matter of Sin City 2...