Where to find the Fortnite Vehicle Timed Trials and how to beat them

You may remember the Fortnite Timed Trials from earlier in the season, but one of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges in Season 6 Week 10 has added a twist to the existing formula. Once you've triggered one of the Fortnite Vehicle Timed Trials to start at the tyre icon, you need to pass through the checkpoints that appear while travelling in a vehicle otherwise they won't register - although they're spaced far enough apart that you'd be hard pressed to actually collect them all before the timer expires without a vehicular speed boost.

The best way to tackle the Fortnite Vehicle Timed Trials is to use one of the Fortnite Quadcrashers, as they're already pretty fast and also pack an additional rocket boost you can trigger to help you on your way. If you miss a checkpoint or otherwise run out of time you can always return to the tyre icon and trigger it again for another attempt. As always, be on the lookout for other players who will probably be trying to scupper your driving, especially as the sound of your vehicle will be a dead giveaway that you're zooming around the area.

Fortnite Vehicle Timed Trials locations

There are six Fortnite Vehicle Timed Trials dotted across the map, and to complete the challenge you need to beat three of them. As long as you grab a Quadcrasher first you should be able to breeze through any of them, and they can be found in the following locations:

  • Junk Junction - to the northwest near the llama statue.
  • Lazy Links - outside the golf shop to the northwest.
  • Dusty Divot - near the road to the northeast.
  • Retail Row/Lonely Lodge - south of the trailer park.
  • Paradise Palms - to the east near a lone trailer.
  • Flush Factory - to the northeast on top of the hill.

Junk Junction - to the northwest near the llama statue

This vehicle timed trial runs downhill, so if you're struggling for a vehicle then grab a shopping cart from Junk Junction. Starting by the giant llama sculpture, then roll down the hill heading south until you've hit all the checkpoints.

This vehicle timed trial starts outside the shop in the northwest corner of the Lazy Links complex, and from there it's a straight run west then south around the golf course.

Dusty Divot - near the road to the northeast

You'll find the icon for this vehicle timed trial to the northeast of Dusty Divot, a little south of the road. Once started, it'll lead you on a windy route to the east that ends with a ramp jump to the final checkpoint.

Retail Row/Lonely Lodge - south of the trailer park

This is a nice and easy vehicle timed trial, as there are several Quadcrashers inside the trailer park. Start the challenge, and follow the road west then south until you reach the corrupted area.

Paradise Palms - to the east near a lone trailer

You'll need a Quadcrasher to complete this vehicle timed trial, but helpfully there are several parked up near the icon. Start by heading west, then turn south and boost up the side of the mountain for the final checkpoints.

Flush Factory - to the northeast on top of the hill

If you need transport for this vehicle timed trial, you should find a Quadcrasher in the Flush Factory car park. Head to the top of the hill northeast of there, then activate the trial and follow the checkpoints down the hill heading northwest.

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