Fortnite Timed Trials - where to find them and how to complete them

The Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for Season 5 Week 6 have thrown in a new type of challenge in the form of timed trials. What are these, you ask? Well, stopwatch icons have appeared in various locations around the island, which create a timed trial route when you interact with them. This route is made up of eight clock icons, which you have to run through and collect before the timer expires and they disappear.

Some of these routes require a vehicle or a generous amount of building to reach all of those icons in time, whereas others can be done with a good old fashioned sprint. Don't worry if you run out of time, as you can simply interact with the stopwatch icon again for another go, but be warned that there will be plenty of other players around doing their best to score an easy kill and stop you claiming your reward. Read on, and we'll show you where the timed trials are located and how to complete them.

Fortnite Timed Trials locations

  • H9 - River southwest of Paradise Palms
  • H6 - Retail Row car park
  • I4 - Roof of main lodge in Lonely Lodge
  • G3 - River northwest of Tomato Town
  • C2 - Stone Head southeast of Junk Junction
  • A5 - South end of Snobby Shores
  • E7 - River east of Shifty Shafts

There are seven timed trials in total, but you only need to complete five of them to beat this challenge. We recommend avoiding the timed trial east of Shifty Shafts as it requires a lot of building to complete.

H9 - River southwest of Paradise Palms

This is a pretty straightforward loop, starting by the waterfall on the river southwest of Paradise Palms. Apart from a ramp or two to get on top of the boulder up the hill, you shouldn't need to do any other building.

H6 - Retail Row car park

Another nice easy loop here, starting in the middle of the Retail Row car park. You'll need a ramp to get on to the roof of the truck, but other than that only jumping is required to reach the goal.

I4 - Roof of main lodge in Lonely Lodge

When starting this run on the roof of the main lodge in Lonely Lodge, make sure you don't miss the three icons on the roof before leaping down. This isn't any building required to collect the remaining icons from the vehicles, though a quick ramp or two may help to get on top of the RVs if you miss a jump.

G3 - River northwest of Tomato Town

This run starts in the river northwest of Tomato Town, and apart from one ramp to reach the second icon, there shouldn't be any building required to complete this run. Speed is the key to reaching them all in time, so if you're struggling then grab a shopping trolley or ATK to help you out.

C2 - Stone Head southeast of Junk Junction

For this trial starting at the Stone Head southeast of Junk Junction, make sure you gather plenty of materials as you'll need to build up into the air to collect the icons hovering above the statue.

A5 - South end of Snobby Shores

You'll need an ATK to complete this run starting at the south end of Snobby Shores, so grab one from one of the nearby houses before you start. Head out of the driveway then right and over the ramp, before collecting the remaining icons on the other side.

E7 - River east of Shifty Shafts

You'll need to round up lots of materials for this trial starting in the river east of Shifty Shafts, as the icons rise high into the sky above you. Build your ramps up in a spiral configuration for the most efficient way of collecting them all, but in such an exposed area you're at risk of someone shooting you down mid run.

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