Fortnite Tilted Taxis is just Crazy Taxi and that's perfectly OK

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Fortnite Tilted Taxis is the latest LTM for the pop culture behemoth, and it's a direct callback to a Sega arcade classic.

Tilted Taxis went live this week, dropping players into a mode where solos and duos compete not to be the last one standing but to pick up and deliver the most passengers. You're rewarded just for getting your passengers from A to B, but you'll get extra points if you give them the thrill ride of their life along the way. It is 100% a spiritual successor to Crazy Taxi.

It advances the formula in a few ways too - obviously, the other cabbies might get out of their cars and start shooting at you if you steal their fare, since this is Fortnite. The characters you can pick up all have their own special requests based on their personality, so you're encouraged to try different kinds of routes and dangerous stunts. Relatively few teams compete in Tilted Taxis, which makes it a good place to rack up some wins away from the battle royale mosh pit.

The only thing keeping Tilted Taxis from achieving true Crazy Taxi greatness is the absence of "All I Want" by The Offspring, but at least this fan-made video lets us pretend.

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Fortnite cars first arrived in early August, but Tilted Taxis is arguably the best reason for their existence yet. It may not tie in with a transmedia crossover that brings in some of the most popular fictional characters on the planet, but it does let you boost to victory over a house, through a hill, and into a big glowing circle. 

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