Prepare to floss on the go as a Fortnite on Switch announcement is likely at E3

A Fortnite Switch release is totally a thing according to the Korean ratings board, which has just listed the game citing its "comic expression of a slight level of attack." The application appears to have come from Epic Games Korea and, this close to to E3, expect a Fortnite Switch release to be announced among all the other E3 2018 games this year. 

Here's the tweet from an unofficial account that posts new listings from the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee: 

While, as I mentioned, that's an unofficial account, the link goes through to the Korean GRAC site and a listing for Fortnite Switch: 

For those of you that have let your Korean slide I'll... run it through Google translate for you: 

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Applicant Epic Games Korea

Platform / Genre Video Games / Others

Decision: class 12 years Usage grade classification agency game contents classification classification committee

A third-person shooter action Nintendo switch game that collects resources and blocks monsters by building defense defenses.

Comic expression of a slight level of attack.

(Attack expression using various weapons against human and extraterrestrial life forms)

Therefore, according to Article 21 of the Act on the Promotion of the Game Industry and Article 9 (2) of the Regulations on the Classification, Contents Information Displayed.

So there you go. Epic Korea has applied for a age rating for Fortnite on the Switch and got a '12' for all the comedic attack and weapons against humans and extraterrestrials. Sounds about right. 

That seems to back up another leak posted to 4chan that apparently shows a document requesting marketing materials for showroom displays: 

While 'leaked' E3 documents are some of the least reliable sources around, the ratings board post seems to back this up and at least one person seems to thing the specs listed match the usual E3 display stands. 

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