How to survive storm phases carrying an Epic weapon in Fortnite

Buying an Epic weapon from P33LY
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If you want to survive storm phases carrying an Epic weapon in Fortnite, then the first thing you need to do is get your hands on one of those high-level weapons. That's easier said than done, as for the most part they aren't just lying around for anyone to grab – but helpfully there is an easy way to find them so you can quickly tick off this Syndicate Part 2 entry in the Fortnite quests. To do just that, this is how to survive storm phases while carrying a weapon of Epic rarity or higher in Fortnite.

How to get weapons of Epic rarity in Fortnite

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There are three main ways to get weapons of Epic rarity or higher in Fortnite, with the first being to simply travel around the island searching floor loot and chests while looking out for guns colored purple (Epic), orange (Legendary), or gold (Mythic). Those all have particularly low spawn probabilities though, so unless you get very lucky you could be hunting for a long time without reward. 

The second option is to take down the Fortnite Highcard Boss that spawns at Brutal Bastion, Shattered Slabs, and Mega City in every match, as they leave a Mythic Havoc Suppressed Rifle when defeated. If you grab the keycard they drop you can also unlock one of the nearby Fortnite Vaults, which should contain more high-level weapons to count towards this quest.

Finally, the third and easiest method to get weapons of Epic rarity in Fortnite is to visit one of the Fortnite characters that sells weapons, as the guns they provide are always Epic. There are 12 specific NPCs that offer this service, whose locations we've marked on the map above, and each weapon costs you 250 bars.

Once you're carrying a weapon of Epic rarity or higher, you just need to survive three storm phases with it, which are the periods when the storm circle is shrinking. For your best chance of success, buy an Epic weapon from an NPC at the start of a match by landing nearby and interacting, then lay low and avoid other players while following the first few storm phases until you hit your target.

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