Fortnite Showtime Challenges guide: How to complete them and Keep It Mello with Marshmello

Epic have a treat in store for Fortnite players this week, as electronic music producer and DJ Marshmello is coming to town to perform a concert in game! This has also introduced a new set of Fortnite Showtime Challenges to unlock Marshmello-related goodies, but you'll need to act quickly to complete them as they're only available until Sunday February 3. The posters have been distributed around the island, a stage has been constructed over at Pleasant Park, and we're ready to get the show on the road. Read on, and we'll show you how to complete all of the Fortnite Showtime Challenges and collect your Marshmello rewards.

Fortnite Showtime Challenges


Search a Showtime Poster

Posters advertising the Marshmello show have appeared all over the island, and to kick this first challenge off you just have to interact with one of them. Doing this will unlock the Keep It Mello emote, which you'll need to use for one of the other challenges. There are plenty of posters around, but if you're struggling to spot one then try any of these locations:


Visit the Showtime venue

The stage for Marshmello's concert has been set in Pleasant Park, where the football field used to be, so head on over to grid C4. The venue, including the stage and crowd area, is pretty big and you only need to enter it to complete this challenge. There's going to be lots of opponents hitting this location, so be prepared for plenty of activity when you get there.


Use Keep It Mello at a trucker's oasis, ice cream parlor, and a frozen lake

Once you've unlocked the Keep It Mello emote by completing the Search a Showtime Poster challenge, you then need to perform that dance at three different locations. If you set Keep It Mello as your first emote, you just have to hold down on the d-pad to activate it - which may help if you need to do it quickly when opponents are around. The trucker's oasis refers to the Truck 'N' Oasis, found in grid G9 in the desert biome.

For the ice cream parlor you want to head to Sofdeez, which is also in the desert biome in grid I7. Make sure you're inside or on the roof, as the car park out front doesn't count.

Lastly, you'll find the frozen lake in grid C7 of the snow biome, where Greasy Grove once stood. If you land on the roof of the submerged store or one of the other buildings, you won't freeze your feet and go sliding off.

And that's it - if you followed all those steps then you should have completed every one of the Fortnite Showtime Challenges, so now you can just sit back and wait for the concert to begin.

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