Fortnite Prop Hunt is here and looks like a match made in heaven

Prop Hunt, the custom game mode responsible for approximately two bazillion views on YouTube, has come to Fortnite. The Fortnite Prop Hunt mode works exactly as you'd expect: you and up to 15 friends land on an island, they hide in plain sight by turning into random objects, and you try to hunt them down and break their disguise. 

"Use the new settings and devices added to Creative to design your own Prop Hunt game!" Epic said. "Try out the new Prop-O-Matic weapon, configure your settings and start the game. We’ll be adding more options for Prop Hunt in the future."

The Creative code for Prop Hunt island is 6069-9263-9110. I reckon Creative mode is what makes Fortnite Prop Hunt mode so promising. It's a fun mode in damn near any game, but not all games have expansive and accessible level-builders. Fortnite players will undoubtedly do all kinds of wild things with Prop Hunt in custom levels, from super small islands to huge-props-only to, I don't know, prop parkour? 

The base Fortnite Prop Hunt mode was made by Stray Kite Studios, a small new studio based in Dallas, Texas. Stray Kite shared a bit more information on Fortnite Prop Hunt on its website

"Teams take turns playing as Props or Hunters. Prop players get a 30-second head start to turn into classic Fortnite props and disguise themselves within the environment to avoid detection. But if the Props want to take an extra risk, they can attempt to collect coins scattered across the map, earning bonus points for their team. Meanwhile, Hunters use their guns, grenades, and guile to find and eliminate the pesky props and earn points for their team. At the end of the round, the teams are swapped. The team with the most points after both rounds wins the game." 

Here are the best Fortnite Creative Codes for custom maps in June 2019. Expect to see some exquisite Prop Hunt levels added soon! 

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