Fortnite papers at Lonely Labs: Where to search them

 Searching Fortnite papers at Lonely Labs
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There are three Fortnite papers at Lonely Labs to search, and all of them can be found in the L-shaped series of buildings across the middle of this named location in the northeast corner of the island. These papers are actually Top Secret documents, and by piecing them together you'll get a step closer to completing the Oathbound quests, while also trying to work out what the rift in the sky means ahead of the imminent Fortnite Season 2 launch. If you're ready to continue your investigation into the strangeness currently going on, then here's where to search papers at Lonely Labs in Fortnite.

Where to search papers at Lonely Labs in Fortnite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As we mentioned previously, all three of the Fortnite papers at Lonely Labs are within the L-shaped series of buildings found at the center of this named location, and we've circled them on the image above to help you find them. For further details on where to go to search them:

  1. In the small northwest corner room of the westernmost building, next to a green armchair.
  2. In the large northwest corner of the rec room in the central building, next to a pool table and wall vent.
  3. In the small northeast corner room of the easternmost building, next to a photocopier and desk.

To search papers at Lonely Labs in Fortnite, you just need to approach the Top Secret folder and then follow the prompt. Note that although the folder will appear on the ground, the 'Search papers' prompt will actually be hovering above it next to the glowing white light. With those collected, you can then move on and search for Fortnite ancient text at Shattered Slabs.

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