Fortnite is teasing a Ghost Rider outfit

Ghost Rider in Fortnite
(Image credit: Epic Games)

It certainly seems as though none other than Ghost Rider himself will be making his debut in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Just yesterday on November 1, the Fortnite Twitter account put out the teaser image below, with the skull and flame emojis as a caption for the picture. Fire and a skull would seem to point to Ghost Rider, although Epic Games has really missed a trick with not promoting this on Halloween.

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No, that is not Nicholas Cage making his debut in Fortnite. Although, a Nicholas Cage outfit with customization options based on his various movie characters over the years would absolutely get me to spend money on Fortnite.

This is just the latest addition in the ongoing crossover event between Marvel and Fornite. Earlier this year, multiple Marvel characters like Iron Man, Thor, She-Hulk, Storm, and more were introduced via the current Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4: Nexus War event, all of which you can unlock as customizable character outfits.

But Donald Mustard, CEO of Epic Games, revealed last week that this is just the beginning of the collaboration between Fortnite and Marvel. "This is just the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years of Marvel integration," Mustard stated, going on to reveal that the current Nexus War storyline is "not the end," but is instead "the beginning" of the extensive crossover. We can likely expect to see additional characters joining the fray after Ghost Rider, then.

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