Fortnite honors a famous rescue fail with a gravestone, and a way to make sure it never happens again

There was once a brave attempt to rescue someone in Fortnite that had fallen off the map and become trapped on a small cliff ledge. It did not go well. 

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What happened has obviously touched the Fortnite team, which decided it needed to take steps to make sure such a senseless tragedy never happened again. 

Now, when you visit the site at which Chappadoodle met his untimely end, despite the heroic efforts of YouTuber @MrMuselk, you'll find this: 

The grave obviously marks the place where we lost poor Chappadoodle but, more importantly, there are now some tires to make sure it never happens again (bottom left corner of J7 on the map if you want to have a look yourself). 

Part of the problem with the original rescue was that this point is below the limit you can build to. There's no way of getting back up, hence how anyone could be trapped in the first place. By adding these tires - which bounce players upwards - you'll now be able to jump to any platforms people might build your way should you get trapped. 

If the challenges are starting to pile up then let us help you with the Fortnite floating Lightning Bolts or Fortnite Risky Reels treasure map .

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