Epic Games teases Fortnite Halloween event, Fortnitemares, with spooky poems

Half the fun of the holidays is seeing what special, limited-time events our favorite games will hold to honor them. In the case of Fortnite, it looks like we're close to the second iteration of Fortnitemares, a spooktacular Halloween event. The official Fortnite Twitter account has been tweeting poems with the #Fortnitemares hashtag, and they're as mysterious as they are ominous. Here's the first:

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"Costumes and dancing, partner up, be wise. They could be friendly, or a ghoul in disguise." Could Fortnitemares 2018 include a special twist on Duos mode? Or is this just a tease of a particularly ghoulish skin? I haven't memorized the game's extensive customization options or anything, but I don't think the glimpse we see here corresponds to any existing content...

And then there's this tweet:

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"Tombstones quake, keep your finger steady. The circle will close, better be ready." The image looks very similar to the Fortnite shadow stones, but the glowing symbol seems larger and, of course, there are those heavy chains around it. I've no idea what "the circle" could be referring to (other than maybe the circle of the storm, but that's always closing) so again we're left with more questions than answers. With just a week and a half to go until Halloween though, we surely won't be waiting much longer.

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