Fortnite Halloween costumes and accessories turn you into Dark Voyager and beyond


The hot-ticket item this spooky season is already proving to be Fortnite Halloween costumes, and aren't you a clever royale battler for getting your shopping done early? There are tons of options out there for recreating a variety of character outfits as well as accessories, not to mention a massive, inflatable battle bus to turn your front yard into a Fortnite lobby. Who knew Halloween would become the ultimate expression of Fortnite merch? Take a look down this list and you'll see that only one question remains to be answered: what are we dropping in?

Fortnite Halloween costumes

Skull Trooper costume for $59.99 on Amazon
Kid sizes for $49.99 on Amazon

One of the most prized skins in any Fortnite player's wardrobe can now adorn your IRL body too. Everybody will know you've been playing since before Fortnite was cool as you rock your Skull Trooper costume... or at least that you look like it. This official costume includes a jumpsuit, mask, gloves, bandana, belt with attached ammo pouch, and shin guards.

Cuddle Team Leader costume for $49.99 on Amazon
Kid sizes for $44.99 on Amazon

The cutest, creepiest Fortnite skin is a natural pick for your Halloween shenanigans. This official costume includes a fluffy hooded jumpsuit and a belt. And if you aren't sold on the hoodie-fication of the bear helmet, you could pick up this latex Cuddle Team Leader face mask for $7.49 and wear it with your hood down. That'll really amp up the creep factor.

Brite Bomber costume for $59.99 on Amazon
Kid sizes for $49.99 on Amazon

True operators wear pastels. Equipping Brite Bomber in-game exudes equal parts fun and confidence, and you'll find the same results wearing it to your Halloween party/haunted house trip/professional office environment. This official costume includes a jumpsuit, cropped T-shirt, belt, gloves, and - most importantly - a pair of purple aviators. Combo it with this official Brite Bomber wig for $19.99 for the full pink-and-purple look.

Dark Voyager costume for $69.99 on Amazon
Kid sizes for $59.99 on Amazon (currently out of stock)

The Season 3 skin of choice for many makes for an equally cool Halloween costume. No, the orange parts don't actually light up - but you could always make that a DIY project with some LED strips. This official costume includes a jumpsuit with attached harness, gloves, knee pads, boot covers, and a helmet with visor.

Crackshot costume for $59.99 on Amazon
Kid sizes for $49.99 on Amazon

Much like the in-game skin, the Crackshot costume is secretly the best value out there: not only can you be a giant, menacing nutcracker for Halloween, you can be a giant, menacing nutcracker for Christmas too! This official costume includes a shirt, hat with attached wig, mask, and gloves - you'll need to provide your own white pants.

Rex costume starting at $159.99 on Amazon

We're entering unlicensed territory now, but just because it doesn't have the official branding doesn't mean it isn't still cool (or else most Halloween stores would be out of business). This Rex costume comes with everything you need to embrace your inner dino-person, including a plush T-rex head mask/helmet. It looks kinda comfy, actually.

Raven costume starting at $159.99 on Amazon

If they know Fortnite, they'll know you're Raven. If they don't know Fortnite, they'll think you're some cool battle goth from a comic book or JRPG or something. It's win-win! This costume is unlicensed as well, and it doesn't include any sort of cowl to give you that "masked anti-hero with glowing eyes" look, but is otherwise spot-on.

Fortnite Halloween accessories

Inflatable Battle Bus for $399.99 on Amazon

This thing ain't cheap, but at a humongous 18 feet long and 17.5 feet high, everyone in your neighborhood will know where the Fortnite party's at. It includes the air pump, tethers, and stakes too, so you don't have to worry about blowing it up yourself or your $400 purchase flying off in a strong breeze (though that would also be true to the game).

Loot Llama Piñata for $29.99 on Amazon

It's a llama piñata! It probably isn't full of building materials (I don't think it even comes with candy inside) but it will be immediately appreciated by anybody with even a passing interest in Fortnite.

Basic Pickaxe for $29.99 on Amazon

This default pickaxe will complete just about any Fortnite costume look. Jump up and down while swinging it aimlessly for the "newbie in the lobby" look (just try not to hit anybody, even if it is made out of foam).

Rainbow Smash Pickaxe for $34.99 on Amazon

Or take your wood-harvesting to the next level with this detailed recreation of the Rainbow Smash pickaxe. The wheels on this one really spin so you can even hobby horse around on it if you want.

Light-up, sound-playing Boogie Bomb for $14.99 on Amazon

Prepare to weaponize funkiness with this gleeful recreation of one of Fortnite's most wacky (yet useful) items. It lights up from inside and plays music when you pull the pin, which is pretttttty rad. Best of all, batteries are included.

Light-up, sound-playing Pumpkin Launcher for $49.99 on Amazon

Become the seasonal scourge of builders everywhere with this detailed Pumpkin Launcher toy. It's 30 inches long from back to Jack-o-Lantern'ed front and makes spooky noises as well as lighting up green when you pull the trigger. And yep, batteries are included.

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