Where to get Fortnite Crash Pads

Fortnite Crash Pads
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Fortnite Crash Pads spent a while gathering dust in the vault, before they were called back into action during the No Sweat summer beach party celebrations. That event has now wound down, but handily the items linked to it can still be found and used during the battle royale. These giant inflatable cushions have several uses, with the most obvious being to bounce you up into the air so you can survey the surrounding area or escape from nearby enemies, safe in the knowledge you won't take any fall damage when you land. However, they can also be deployed directly from your inventory while dropping from a height in Fortnite, providing a soft landing to avoid losing energy or even being eliminated depending on how far you were falling.

This item has now featured in a number of recent Fortnite quests, so whether you need to bounce off a Crash Pad and fall for 9 stories or more, bounce on a Crash Pad, a Bouncy Slurpshroom, and Fortnite Off-road Tires in a single match, or bounce on three separate Crash Pads without landing, finding these mats is a priority to get started on those assignments. To help with that, we've got all of the Fortnite Crash Pads locations so you can hop into action.

Fortnite Crash Pads locations

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Fortnite Crash Pads can be found in chests or as floor loot now that they've been unvaulted, which means you may encounter them anywhere as you search for items. However, if you're looking for guaranteed Fortnite Crash Pads locations then head to the beach party in the bay to the east of Sanctuary, near the remains of the Mighty Monument – the giant broken statue which is now just legs. There are a total of ten Crash Pads already floating around in the water here, which we've marked on the map above, and this gives you a pre-made set of inflatables to bounce upon. You may also meet Unpeely here, and although they're an NPC you can hire to fight alongside you, they don't officially count as one of the Fortnite characters for your collection.

How to bounce on 3 separate Crash Pads without landing in Fortnite

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If you find Fortnite Crash Pads as loot then they usually come in stacks of three, which means it's easy to place them all down near to each other and then bounce on all three before touching the ground. However, to save you spending time searching around for this item, you can simply go to the beach party area east of Sanctuary. At that location, three Crash Mats spawn near the floating dance floors, while another four appear around a small island with palm trees on it. Both of these areas provide ample opportunity to bounce on 3 separate Crash Pads without landing in Fortnite, so hop on one and hold jump to build up height before leaping to the next inflatable – just be aware of the momentum you generate while moving in the air, as this can potentially carry you past your intended target if you don't control it.

How to bounce off a Crash Pad and fall for 9 stories or more in Fortnite

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Unlike the previous quest, you do have to find Fortnite Crash Pads as loot for this one as you can't gain enough height from the static pads at the beach party. Once you've collect this item, you need to make your way up to the significantly high ground on the island, such as at the Reality Tree, Lazy Lagoon, or Rave Cave. In the raised location, deploy the mat then launch yourself from it to the ground far below, and this will allow you to bounce off a Crash Pad and fall for 9 stories or more in Fortnite. Remember, you can't take fall damage after bouncing from a pad, so you don't need to worry about that.

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