Former Rockstar developers' new game shows just how good GTA 6 could be

(Image credit: Build a Rocket Boy)

The former Rockstar developers that went on to form a new studio have released a teaser for its upcoming game, and it gives us a glimpse of how good GTA 6 could look. 

Build a Rocket Boy was formed by former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies alongside fellow Rockstar developers Matthew Smith and Colin Entwistle. The studio recently released a teaser trailer for its upcoming game Everywhere which will be an open-world game made up of multiple narratives. 

In the teaser, we got a glimpse of the MindsEye game in Everywhere and it features some seriously impressive in-game captures - seriously, I thought it was an animated trailer until I spotted the "all in-game footage" note at the bottom of the screen. The trailer features car chases, explosions, and guns among other things which has led us to start thinking about Rockstar's current project, GTA 6. 

Although Benzies, and the other former Rockstar devs, are no longer part of the GTA studio, it's interesting to see what kind of games are being developed by those who were recently employed by Rockstar. 

GTA 6 already feels like it'll be much bigger and more impressive than GTA 5, which we've all become very familiar with over the years. In fact, Rockstar has vowed that GTA 6 will "set creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and all entertainment" - which is a pretty bold promise for the studio to make and has got fans expecting big things. 

GTA 6 suffered a catastrophic leak last year which shared over 90 screenshots and videos of a build of the game, but it's important to remember that this footage was apparently from early on in the game's development - so most probably doesn't reflect how the game will look when it releases sometime over the next few years. Fans even believe that the game is closer to release than previously thought, meaning the leaks are most likely very out of date now. 

What we're trying to say is that if GTA 6 looks anywhere near as good as Everywhere, it's going to be worth the long wait we've had. 

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