Forever Skies trailer reveals a sci-fi survival game from former Dying Light devs

Forever Skies
(Image credit: Far From Home)

Forever Skies is a brand new action-survival game coming to PC later this year 2022.

Announced today on January 11, Forever Skies has just been unveiled by a development team at Far From Home. Over on the game's official YouTube channel, you can see a brief reveal trailer, featuring a player character stalking the remnants of a long-lost Earth, before departing for the skies in a futuristic blimp.

That's all before the player's blimp thing gets stuck in a storm of some kind, and the trailer quickly cuts to black. It looks like we'll be scavenging through the remains of civilization in Forever Skies, journeying around this mysterious world from the comfort of our airship. 

If you didn't already know, the development team at Far From Home is comprised of veterans from around the games industry, some of which have expertise from working at Techland on Dying Light. The studio, first formed in 2020, is an entirely remote effort, and has worked through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic from home.

Right now, Forever Skies is scheduled to launch on PC at some point in 2022. However, it's also in development for new-gen consoles, although there's no mention of a release date for these versions of Far From Home's new game anywhere to be seen, so we can only assume Forever Skies will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S in 2023 or beyond.

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Hirun Cryer

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