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Force Unleashed II unleashes kind-of-awesome new art

Welp, here's a piece of art LucasArts released today of Force Unleashed protagonist Starkiller, standing in the rain and screaming with paired lightsabers and Force lightning crackling at the ready. What does this tell us about the game? Not a whole lot (other than to remind us it'll likely feature dual-lightsaber action, which is always fun), but it looks really cool, and we've got a super-high-res version for you to grab (along witha bunch of screenshots, if you haven't already seen them).

Above: Click image for larger version

Not the meatiest news, we know - but it is a nice reminder of why we're looking forward to seeing this at E3 in a couple of weeks, when you canexpect full impressions of whatever LucasArts decides to show off.

Jun 4, 2010

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