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For Honor has added lightsabers to celebrate Star Wars Day

Credit: Reddit - MrEousTranger

Ever wanted to be a medieval Jedi or Sith? Well, you're in luck because Ubisoft has surprised For Honor players by adding lightsabers to its medieval world in celebration of May 4 - aka Star Wars Day. Instead of going in for an ordinary axe swing or sword lunge, your weapon will suddenly start glowing like a lightsaber to add some Star Wars flare to your battles. 

Players are enjoying the lightsaber addition so much, many are already calling for it to remain as a permanent feature on Reddit (via PCGamesN) and Steam’s discussions page.  Redditer Shadic_Advent started a thread calling for the feature to stay, and wrote,"It's so good! Who ever designed these did a phenomenal job! Please Ubisoft, have a permanent option." 

Many have been sharing videos and screen captures of  their battles and showing a lot of love to For Honor’s take on the Star Wars homage, with some even saying it's the best event ever. 

The added feature does look very cool, especially when you're swinging around a giant axe with a signature lightsaber glow, or dual wielding two glowing red swords like reddit user ST4RVY

Credit: Reddit - ST4RVY

Credit: Reddit - ST4RVY

The fun feature appears to have been quietly added in with the Year 3 Season 2 update. Whether it stays in after the May 4 celebrations finish remains to be seen. If you want to get in on the lightsaber action, now's the time to do it.  

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