Fool's is Gold at the US Box Office

It wasn’t exactly a big weekend at the box office- even the likes of Kate Hudson acting alongside Matthew McConaughey’s chest couldn’t drag audiences out of their homes in any great number. Still, Fool’s Gold took the top honours, arriving at the top of the charts with $22 million.

In second, Martin Lawrence’s latest, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, made it to second with $17 million. Those two bumped the Hannah Montana concert film down to third as it dropped 66% for a $10 million second weekend. Also dropping was The Eye, which slumped to fourth with $6.6 million. Juno, meanwhile, bucked the trend by rising up yet another place, adding $5.72 million to its impressive $117 million take.

In sixth place, 27 Dresses made $5.7 million, with $66 million in the bank so far, while The Bucket List hung on at seventh. It’s now taken $75 million. Rambo slipped to eighth place, making $4.1 million this weekend.

At the bottom of the charts sits Meet The Spartans, which has taken $33 million so far, and There Will Be Blood, which is now up to $26 million.