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Love the idea of getting your favourite magazine through the letterbox every month? Before everyone else? Or maybe the perfect gift for someone who loves sci-fi, film and horror just as much as you (and we!) do… Well there’s never been a better time to flutter a fiver in our direction. That’s five UK pounds, five US dollars or five Euros. Sorry, no drogna at the moment.

Yes, the SFX summer sale has gone global for the first time ever – you get five issues for just £5. That’s only one penny more than a regular monthly issue would cost you! And as we head towards our 25th anniversary in 2020, you won’t want to miss the exciting things we’ve got planned!

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About SFX magazine

SFX is the world’s number one sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine. We’ve been in print globally since 1995 and reach over 15M people a month via our online home at gamesradar. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We get around.

What you get when you subscribe to SFX

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  • Five issues of SFX for £5 by direct debit
  • A saving of 78% on the cover price
  • Delivery direct to your door
  • Get it before everyone else and show off online
  • Subscriber only special covers – ideal for getting signed!
  • Our undying love and affection

So don’t delay and get planet Earth’s best-selling sci-fi magazine delivered every month to you – or a lucky friend, if you’re feeling generous – by signing up to this exclusive deal today.

I'm the Editor of SFX, the world's number one sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine – available digitally and in print every four weeks since 1995. I've been editing magazines, and writing for numerous publications since before the Time War. Obviously SFX is the best one. I knew being a geek would work out fine.