First trailer for Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

seeking a friend for the end of the world

Just yesterday, we were given a look at the first poster for Steve Carell end-of-worlder Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World , and now the film’s first trailer has been released online.

Seeking A Friend stars Carell as a man whose wife leaves him just as the apocalypse rears its ugly head.

Desperate to make a meaningful connection before everybody dies, he enlists his neighbour (Keira Knightley) to help him find his childhood sweetheart. With asteroid Matilda set to destroy Earth in just three weeks, it’s going to be a bit of a breakneck mission.

Check out the trailer below…

Firmly ensconced in the ‘indie drama’ genre, Seeking A Friend looks like a cosy little character-based chuckler set against an epic backdrop.

Carell's no stranger to playing men gripped by midlife crises. He excelled at it in The 40-Year-Old Virgin , Little Miss Sunshine and Crazy Stupid Love , and looks to be just as good here.

Not a stretch by any means, but scenes like the spot-on piss-take of corporate restaurants (Friendies!) promises some acerbic laughs along the way.

There are also some great cameos from Patton Oswalt ( Young Adult ) and Melanie Lynskey, the latter sporting a truly terrifying wig and dress combo.

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World hits US screens on 22 June 2012, with a UK release date yet to be confirmed.

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