First trailer for horror sequel S-VHS: watch now

With critically acclaimed horror anthology V/H/S only arriving in UK cinemas this month, it might come as a surprise to learn there is already a trailer doing the rounds for forthcoming sequel S-VHS .

However, the original has been wowing Stateside horror buffs for a while now, and a whole new batch of young filmmakers are already lining up to contribute to the next episode in what looks set to become a franchise.

As with the trailers for V/H/S , it's quite difficult to glean any sense of what's actually going on, suffice to say that it all looks very scary.

Take a look, below:

The sequel will again take the form of a series of short films, bound together by one overarching narrative. Among the directors this time are Jason Eisener, Gareth Evans, and The Blair Witch Project 's Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Simon Barrett.

The sequel is set to premiere at Sundance later this year, but UK-based horror fans will finally get to discover what all the fuss is about when V/H/S opens in the UK on Friday.

George Wales

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