First teaser lands for House Of Cards season 3: watch now

Netflix has debuted the first teaser for the third season of House Of Cards, as the Underwoods take their place as America's most powerful couple.

The new series picks up with Frank as President of the United States, having weaseled his way into the Oval Office at the end of the second season.

The new teaser is extremely brief, but in showing everyone's favourite schemers boarding Air Force One, it does a nice job of reminding us what's going down in the world of the Underwoods…

While plot details remain closely guarded at this stage, the third season will surely see the foundations of Frank's house of cards begin to crumble, as a number of dark deeds come back to haunt the new leader of the free world…

Co-starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, House Of Cards season 3 will land on Netflix on 27 February 2015. TAP TAP!

George Wales

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