First look at the new trailer for Marvel's Daredevil: watch now

We've got a real treat for you this afternoon with a first look at the new trailer for Netflix's Daredevil, in which Charlie Cox's titular crime-fighter prepares to go to war with Vincent D'Onofrio's villainous Kingpin.

First reaction? Hell's Kitchen seems every bit as mean and moody as Gotham, with Cox's hero speaking about the darkness that lingers around every corner, before explaining just why he feels compelled to protect its inhabitants. And there are plenty of parallels drawn between the hero and villain - and the fine, sometimes blurry line between good and evil - suggesting there will be plenty of moral murkiness at play.

There's plenty of action to sink your teeth into too as the mask comes down and the blood begins to spatter. There are no nifty gadgets for Daredevil to fall back on. He's living by his wits, and sometimes, he's going to take a kicking…

Take a look at the new trailer, below:

George Wales

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