First LA Noire DLC detailed in Best Buy flier

What with two full desks' worth of content cut from the initial release of L.A. Noire, there's no shortage of potential DLC to be released should consumers show interest in the title – which, with all the hype, seems likely. Now the name of the first DLC release has been inadvertently revealed via a retailer advert. A flier for Best Buy urges potential buyers to beat down the store's doors at the stroke of midnight to secure a copy of the upcoming Nicholson Electroplating Arson Case.

While no release date is given for the formidably-named new case – what happened to unassuming titles like “The Signal” or “The Pit?” – it'll be unlockable on release through codes given out to the first 16 buyers on each platform (everyone else just gets a free set of in-game duds for Phelps to don when they see fit). While Rockstar has mentioned that the content cut from the game revolved mainly around burglary and confidence-tricksters, it's not unimaginable that an arson case – featuring, obviously, the appropriate level of narrative tricks and turns – could feature under either of these categories.

May 17, 2011