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First in-game footage of a Gran Turismo 5 car rolling over

The good news: The player's car can roll over in Gran Turismo 5. The bad news? It can happen at 82mph. Don't worry, it's not the game being rubbish, it's actually a realistic interpretation of real life (as Jerry Seinfeld will tell you), but it still makes for fascinating viewing...

So why did it happen at such a pedestrian 82mph? The answer's simple - she was driving this:

Above: The Fiat 500. Probably not designed to take corners at 80mph

Theoretically, this could happen to a Fiat 500. They're rather top-heavy and at that kind of speed (and with grippy tyres), a roll is not out of the question. Still, it must have surprised the poor girl.

There's another roll earlier in the video, and I do recommend watching the whole thing, if only for the sight of said Japanese lady trying to get into the racing seat with a green house atop her head.

Let us know what you think of the Monopoly-like headgear and/or the rolling car in the comments.

06 Oct, 2010

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