Final few days for SFX Weekender discounts

The offer of cheap tickets for SFX subscribers to our next live event ends this Friday

If you haven't got your tickets to the 2011 live SFX event - the second Weekender - you'd better hurry, especially if you're an SFX subscriber. Until Friday 20 August there are massive discounts for subscribers but this early bird offer must come to an end.

All subscribers to the SFX print edition are entitled to a range of discounts on Weekender packages until the 20 August. Call 08700 110034 to arrange your money off.

For bookings of two, three or four people you’ll be upgraded to a Gold Plus ticket for the price of a Gold ticket (which entitles you to stay on Thursday night too, meaning you’ll be first in line for all the action on Friday morning).

Buy a Silver ticket and we’ll upgrade you to the price of a Gold ticket with a 10% discount.

All groups of subscribers with five, six or seven person bookings will get a “buy one get one free” offer on all tickets.

We've now announced a number of top authors who'll be at the event, including Terry Pratchett , as well as Star Trek star George Takei and Craig " Red Dwarf " Charles DJing on the Saturday night. There are many more comics and TV people still to be announced and although it seems like a long way off, you won't want to miss this February's residential sci-festival.

Subscriber offers are only available until 20 August 2010. Please have your subscriber number to hand when calling to book to receive your subscriber discount. Your subscriber number can be found on the paper carrier sheet which comes with your copy of SFX , or on any subscription communication. Have it to hand when you call 08700 110034 (local rate from within the UK). If you want guest talks, parties, live music and more, then don’t hang about.

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