Final Fantasy 6 director is still pushing for a remake

(Image credit: Square Enix)

A Final Fantasy figurehead is pushing for a Final Fantasy 6 remake - again.

Just last month, Final Fantasy mainstay developer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that while a Final Fantasy 6 remake would be "difficult," he's constantly being approached by other developers at Square Enix, who want the remake of one of the best Final Fantasy games to eventually happen.

That comment enabled a outpouring of speculation from Final Fantasy 6 fans that a remake could one day happen. Now the same thing is probably going to happen all over again, because Kitase has again commented on a Final Fantasy 6 remake in a recent roundtable interview with Square Enix veterans.

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"I would like to push Final Fantasy 6 again!" Kitase comically remarked in the roundtable interview seen above. Kitase was, if you didn't already know, a director on the original Final Fantasy 6 for Square Enix back in the day, so if the director of the game advocates for a remake, who's to say no?

Well, Square Enix, for one. The studio might've wrapped up work on Final Fantasy 16 (for now), but there's still Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis coming within the next year or so, to name just two major ongoing Final Fantasy-related projects. That's a busy slate for Square Enix's developers.

As we mentioned alongside Kitase's comment last month, how would you even go about remaking the grand 'train suplex' moment in Final Fantasy 6? We haven't got a clue, admittedly, but we can imagine someone with 30 years of premium Final Fantasy experience like Kitase might be better positioned to answer that question.

Square Enix wants to know what Final Fantasy 16 players want from the game in the future, immediately reigniting DLC speculation in the process. 

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