Final Fantasy 16 might have an easy mode planned, according to the producer's comments

Clive Rosfield
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 producer Yoshi-P has shared a brief snippet of information about the next mainline Final Fantasy's gameplay and difficulty.

According to Reset Era (opens in new tab) and active time boop on Twitter (opens in new tab), Naoki Yoshida was conducting a radio interview about Final Fantasy 14 and its planned new expansion Endwalker, but that didn't stop the interviewer from asking him about another project; Final Fantasy 16.

While Yoshi-P has said recently that he doesn't want to say too much about Final Fantasy 16 in an effort to limit speculation and, ultimately, dash player expectation, he has been reported as saying that Final Fantasy 16 is going to be "action-oriented" and that the team is putting effort into supporting players who are "less skilled at action games."

This might mean that they are trying to make the game more accessible to those who just want to enjoy the story, perhaps hinting towards the introduction of an easier gameplay mode or increased accessibility features - think The Last of Us 2 and its plethora of options for all kinds of different players.

Final Fantasy 16 is the next mainline entry to the storied Final Fantasy franchise. At the moment, thanks to the aforementioned lack of information about the game, we only know a small amount of what we can expect. Square Enix shared an update in October 2020 (opens in new tab) which delved a little deeper into the characters and world,
revealing that we'll be playing as a young hero called Clive as he struggles to protect his younger brother, Joshua.

Thanks to the same October update, we also know that there will be some form of a time skip during the game, confirming that the old character we saw at the beginning of the first trailer is the young man we now know is Clive.

Final Fantasy 16 is going to be a PS5 exclusive but there's no word on a release date yet. In the meantime, now is the best time to jump into Final Fantasy 14 if you want to scratch that Final Fantasy itch.

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