Fifty Shades Of Grey sex scenes to be axed?

According to reports, the sexiest film to be released since Logan’s Run looks set to suffer from a few problems of a sexual nature. We’re sure it’s never happened before. It’s just been a stressful day and the film is probably just really tired, etc.

Stars James Dornan and Dakota Johnson have reportedly already filmed most of the sex scenes for Fifty Shades Of Grey , but they are in danger of being cut in order for the film to avoid an NC-17 rating.

A decision by the studio to make the film less racy (in order to get a lower age rating) is likely to upset fans of the books, who will be expecting to see all manner of raunchy acts in keeping with the original’s um... ‘tone’.

The film, which stars Dornan as kinky billionaire Christian Grey and Johnson as shy Submissive Anastasia Steele, is set to be released on 15 February 2015.