FIFA 22 cover debuts ahead of reveal trailer this weekend

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The FIFA 22 cover has been revealed, and it once again stars French football phenom Kylian Mbappé.

EA Sports revealed the cover art for FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition, showing Mbappé from behind as he pops the name on the back of his Paris Saint-Germain kit. Mbappé was also the cover athlete for FIFA 21; EA Sports titles took an unusual collage-esque approach to their cover design last year, but it looks like FIFA 22 is going with a more refined and minimalist design this time around.

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This is just the start of the reveals that EA has planned for FIFA 22 in the weeks ahead. Next up is a "game-changing reveal" reveal trailer coming on July 11, and EA is teasing an unspecified EA Sports-related panel on July 20 as part of its EA Play Live schedule. Since it already has a dedicated Madden panel set for July 19, there's a good chance the next day's presentation is going to be all about FIFA. Whatever it ends up being about, we know it "will highlight an extremely cool new addition to an extremely popular and long-running EA SPORTS franchise." Then there's the proper EA Play Live main event just a couple days later on July 22, which EA says will have an "unwavering focus" on games.

EA has teased in the past that this will be a "massive year of innovation" for its football franchise, so even if the cover athlete is a repeat, it sounds like we'll have a lot of changes and new features to look forward to in the game itself. All signs point to FIFA 22 getting back on track for the franchise's typical September release window, but that's another thing we'll have to wait for EA to confirm one way or another. Thankfully, the reveal trailer debut is just a few days away - and hopefully that will answer at least some of our questions.

We're staying tuned to all the events from EA and will let you know the biggest news as it rolls out.

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