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Best Cheap, High Potential Players

It’s all very well fantasising over a Pogba-Rodríguez dictatorship in midfield, but not every team can afford that kind of luxury. What if you’re managing a lower league team on a much tighter budget but still want to improve your squad’s ranks?

Well fear not, for we’ve sniffed out five of the best deals you can get in FIFA 16. These players are an absolute snip, but that doesn’t mean we’re talking about bargain bin buys, oh no - every player here has at least 80 potential, so you know you’re getting quality. Add any of these players to your team and you’ll see the difference like night and day.


Bruno Varela
GK, age 20, OVR 69, potential 81, Real Valladolid, cost £2.1m
The goalkeeper is the backbone of any team that holds it all together - you can have the best defence in the world but will ship goals if your keeper isn’t up to scratch. Luckily you can get that peace of mind for an absolute pittance in the form of Bruno Varela. The young shot-stopper from Portugal excels at shutting out close-range opportunities thanks to his fantastic diving and reflexes, which will see him reacting quickly and frustrating opposition forwards time and again. This high potential gem can be yours for just over £2m.

Dominic Iorfa
RB, age 20, OVR 69, potential 81, Wolves, cost £2.1m
Plenty of full backs are fast, but not many are strong too - but that’s exactly what you get with Wolves right back Dominic Iorfa. He’s lightning quick but stands at 6’4” and has 80 strength, a rare occurrence for normally-diminutive full backs. His tackling and jumping are two of the strongest areas of his game, so he will fit in well at centre back if you need the cover, and with 81 potential he’s got a very bright future ahead of him.

Renato Sanches
CM, age 17, OVR 70, potential 86, SL Benfica, cost £3m
Players with potential as high as Renato Sanches can often cost in the range of £7-10m, which is what makes this player such a bargain - you can get a future world-beater for as little as £3m (less if you’re willing to drive a hard bargain). What you get for such a measly sum is an excellent attacker with the pace, strength and technical ability to hold his own on the midfield battlegrounds. Snap him up now before his club realise how criminally underpriced he is.

Álvaro Vadillo
RM, age 20, OVR 71, potential 80, Real Betis, cost £1.8m
If you’re a lower league manager on a restrictive budget, there’s simply no better winger to buy than Álvaro Vadillo. While his skillset is not the broadest, what he does well he does extremely well. He’s absolutely rapid and will outpace defenders rated far higher than he is, while his dribbling stat is phenomenal for his OVR. He also comes with four star skill moves, so is perfect for anyone who loves beating defenders with tricks. He’s an out-and-out winger, no doubt about that, and with 80 potential will just get better and better. Spend a little time negotiating his price and you can get him for under £1.5m, which is unbelievably cheap.

Moses Simon
ST, age 19, OVR 70, potential 80, KAA Gent, cost £2.8m
Speaking of rapid, Moses Simon has enough pace to give Martín Demichelis a heart condition. Added to that is his short stature and superb balance, so even if he can’t use his speed to get away, he’ll still be leaving defenders in knots. If that wasn’t enough, he comes with four star skill moves and an impressive dribbling stat, while his five star weak foot means he can score no matter which foot he uses. With all these things going in his favour - not to mention his 80 potential - he’s a real bargain at just under £3m (although note that you have to wait until January to get him, but he’s utterly worth it).

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